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Below is a small sample of our Clear Benefit testimonials from service users.


•"John was really helpful. He put my mind at ease with helping with my finance.


•"I have struggled with money for a long time but John helped me to sort things out"


•"John helped me fill in lots of forms for me and explained everything to me.


•I have spent years not really understanding the benefits I was entitled to but now I feel as though I understand them far better"


•We have thoroughly enjoyed having John working with us here at Endeavour - he has been not only professional, informative and helpful but also he is constantly cheerful and friendly - a real pleasure to have around.


•The drop-ins have been really well received by clients here and we have all had excellent feedback about the service that John has provided.


•This vital advice must continue, day by day lots of people from different backgrounds are finding harder to receive help, to get benefits, homes to live and getting into debt, my list could go on. So like I said it is vital this service continues.


•Your advisor was really helpful to me. I found him to be very polite and a caring person. I would recommend him to anyone needing help & support.


•I am very satisfied & happy I can now live a more normal life and feel good to get up in the mornings. I thank all concerned again.


•We were impressed with the friendly and very helpful advice. As you get older stress is best avoided where possible and form filling is not easy.


•The support I received from John has been excellent, without him I would not have been able to complete my PIP form. He also attended the assessment with me and helped me feel calmer and less anxious and supported me throughout. I can’t thank him enough for all his support. This is an excellent, much needed service that I would feel very reassured if it was there and available if I needed it in the future.


•I received excellent support, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very reassured.



Below is a small sample of our testimonials from users of our advice and training services.


From Sue Churchill , Housing Options Manager, Torbay Council


'The assistance that the TAN team gave us in organising our information and training sessions on the recent benefit reforms was invaluable. It was the first time that Housing Options and Housing Benefit have delivered this firstly together, and secondly on such a scale.


We would have been unable to achieve this realistically without the TANS team support. With many more changes in the offing, and the importance of the local authority in playing a key role in relating this to our partners, I would see Tans role as being of increased value in the future.


They are also helpful, friendly, and provide great biscuits, an added bonus,'


From John Cooper - District Manager CAB Torbay


'The wide range of training courses offered by TAN enable those involved in providing advice and information to update their knowledge and skills across important areas of their work with all training delivered at an affordable price at convenient locations throughout Torbay. CAB advisers attending TAN courses have found them to be informative and relevant to their work, helping develop skills and providing practical solutions to issues they face.


From Rosemary Newman Dawlish Volunteer Bureau


My own experience of attending the benefit training has rekindled some previous knowledge I had stored away. It has helped to complete DLA more effectively. Always good to have training days with like minded people. My Benefits Volunteers have a good grounding in signposting benefits which helps to maintain the high standard of benefits service.


From Lynne Tremlett, Information Support Officer for Disability Information Service


Torbay Advice Network are fabulous!!Always get free refreshments with yummy biscuits.


Courses are of great importance to my work role & signposting was one of them.I am able to signpost clients to CAB whom have debt issues. Samaritans I learnt a lot from them. Just afew to mention. Signposting was very informative & I am able to use it within my work role.


From Jayne Strudwick, Revenue & Benefit Team Leader, Torbay Council


TAN arranged 7 training sessions for us. 234 people attended these sessions


By asking TAN to arrange these sessions for us we are able to reach a wider audience than we would if we arranged it ourselves as they have many contacts in place. It saves us time as they also have contacts around the bay with suitable venues, they work around us & our work commitments for the timing of these events.